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Mexico 2020

Outreach Leon

Mexico Jan 8-9th, 2020

Those present when we went to the orphanage in Leon, Mexico were in for a surprise – or many surprises. First, we went under the assumption that we were there to bless the children. We had no idea that the greatest blessings would be given to us. Second, we assumed the great lack of basic “necessities” would cause distress and despair. Instead, we met and played with children who were full of joy and love, despite their circumstances. Last, we knew there would be good people taking care of the children. We were wrong. They are exceptional. The caregivers are devoted, doting and full of love and grace. Hearing the caregivers and doctors talk about how the nutrition we provide is increasing the quality of these children’s lives was powerful. But the gratitude, joy and love that was showered back on us by the children - and especially their hugs -  was greater than anything we could have given.

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