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Meet The Büüm Team

The Büüm Foundation Board of Directors governs the work of the Foundation. Our Board shapes the Foundation’s direction through its mission, strategy, budget, and key policies; ensures that the leadership, resources, and finances in place match the Foundation’s vision; and monitors and improves the performance of the organization.


The Foundation Board meets formally two times each year as well as between the regular meetings as needed to conduct the Foundation’s business.

Board of Directors



Chairman of the Board

Mr. Holton Buggs is an industry icon with over 28 years in the direct sales and network marketing industry worldwide. In the past 10 years Mr. Buggs has built a network of over 3 million distributors and has generated over $3 Billion in sales.

However, Mr. Buggs comes from very humble beginnings including growing up in a housing project. He has taken memories of his past and developed a sense of compassion and drive that inspires him to succeed and help others succeed today. One of his life’s goals has been to create very positive change in the lives of 100 million people, both financially and spiritually.


He has also been featured in the “Billionaire” edition of Millionaire magazine and is the first distributor to be on the cover of Networking Times magazine. Conversations on Success issue featured Mr Buggs with Jim Rohn and Jon Gray. Mr. Buggs is also a founding member and Chairman of the Board to the OG Cares Foundation in which he initiated the strategies and, in many circumstances, personally funded initiatives that created significant impact around the world. Mr. Buggs knowledge of the industry, high moral standards, business ethics and passion to share with all those willing to learn has won him numerous awards and has earned him the respect of being one of the most admired and successful leaders in the Direct Selling industry today.

In addition to being a Chairman of two children-focused foundations, some of the projects Mr. Buggs has been supporting over the years include providing scholarships for under-privileged children and disaster relief projects including organizing emergency aid for victims of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Hurricane Harvey in Houston.



Board Member

Born in Tampa Florida, Earlene comes from similar surroundings to Holton whom she married in 1993. Besides supporting her husband in his career, she is instrumental in supporting her son Tre’s music aspirations while building the brand of her own.


Empowering women initially through her “Women Who Win” project, now evolved into “Wiin International”, Earlene has engaged her passion and creativity for which she is often recognized and awarded. Earlene is a powerful woman who cares deeply about empowering other women. Her passion is to see women rise up and become more than they thought possible.

To that end, she is the creator and host of Closet Chat, an internet television program designed to help women around the world find their voice, and to understand that we are all experiencing similar challenges in life.


Overcoming obstacles takes a sisterhood, and Earlene is excited and passionate about creating a movement of empowered women all around the world. Along with her husband Holton, Earlene has been directly involved in providing much needed support after natural disasters, and is passionate about supporting projects that advance the needs of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 6.09.46 PM.png


Board Member

Mr. Fishman is a leading merchant account analyst in the electronic payments industry and an advisory council member for the 6th largest independent acquirer in North America.  Clay created the payment industry’s first customer rebate program and developed one of the top customer portfolios within a $50 billion payment processor.  


Prior to electronic payments, Clay served as the VP of Sales for, the first online yellow pages directory to be launched on the Internet. was acquired by GTE media in 1998, and today is widely used under the domain  After, Clay served as a data and technology analyst for start-up Internet companies and was the Senior Analyst for Naturipe where he managed product velocity analysis for over 2,000 Walmart stores nationwide.


In addition to his business accomplishments, Mr. Fishman’s passion is to give back to the community by working with organizations that focus on helping children and animals.



Board Member

A Business consultant with over nineteen years of international experience, Ms. Juricev thrives while working at an extremely high level of organizational growth and expansion. Just some of the roles that the Ms. Juricev has mastered include business development, senior account management, customer care and quality assurance.


Those who know her best contend that she thrives on finding win-win solutions and consistently has a customer-centric approach to business. As a business leader, Ms. Juricev has conceived a number of business ideas, implemented strategies, and developed them into sustainable enterprises. She has built international strategic alliances, managed and coordinated internationally diverse teams and planned and executed multi-national trainings and workshops. Her passion extends beyond the business arena to the world of philanthropy where her skillset is invaluable to the Foundation.


Ms. Juricev has been a key figure in creating, supporting and/or managing philanthropic organizations focused on the needs of children around the world such as: UTU Africa Foundation – grassroots non-profit fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa through education and OG Cares Foundation – a non-profit focused on providing support to under-privileged children, with projects introducing quality nourishment, enhancing education, building teamwork and leadership skills in youth, improving standards in shelters/ schools/ clubs among others.



Board Member

Keion Henderson is highly regarded as an effective leader among leaders, having spent more than 20 years in active ministry including the role as Senior Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America, The Lighthouse Church of Houston.


As a visionary, Pastor Henderson balances the confluence of ministry and marketplace as CEO of a global business enterprise, The Henderson Management Group. He has been recognized as a CNN Heroes Award nominee and John Maxwell’s Top 250 Leaders, as well as the recipient of numerous recommendations from state, government and local officials for his work as a global humanitarian in providing relief and empowerment to those in need. Through his outreach efforts, Pastor Henderson has served more than 150,000 meals in his local community and led disaster aid initiatives in Haiti, Florida and Southeast Texas.

He is committed to empowering others to achieve greatness in every area of their life and business.

Our Advisors


Education & Literacy

JUDITH WILLIAMSON Acclaimed Author - Motivational Educator - Literacy Advocate - International Speaker - ...these are just some of the roles Judith Williamson as played. Having served in multiple administrative capacities in both public and private settings, Judith continues to embrace the need to further one’s education in order to benefit self and humanity, and prides herself on being a lifelong educator and learner.

Her positions have enabled her to understand the process experience plays in a person’s life.  By opening new pathways to learning, Judith continues to serve various ministries through education and writing.  Judith has authored several books in the area of positive mental attitude and continues to inspire us daily.

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